Mini Botanics Egg Dome Terrarium Large

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The largest of the egg shaped Terrariums and a real show piece. With a removable lid, it is very easy to maintain and comes with a care card. Terrariums make a beautiful living gift or a lovely treat for yourself. 

Your egg will contain 3 to 4 tropical plants suitable for a closed terrarium and live moss. Colours vary (greens and pinks). If you prefer a particular colour, contact us and we will make to order.

Egg Dome Terrarium Large - 18cm Diameter x 25cm High

Easy Care: Closed Terrariums are self sustaining as the plants create their own water cycle. Water droplets condense on the glass of the terrarium, which then rains back down onto the soil. Keep in a low light position, but not dark. Remove the lid once every 1-2 weeks or if glass becomes too moist, for a day. Then mist and replace lid.

Not available for shipping. Pick up in store only.