Mini Botanics Corked Mini Ball Terrarium

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Each of our beautiful enclosed mini garden terrariums are unique and designed with small tropical plants, pebbles and moss. Terrariums make a beautiful living gift or a lovely treat for yourself. These easy care indoor gardens are a real hit and fun to watch grow. 

Easy Care: Enclosed terrariums are easy to care for. They create their own eco system creating moisture, so no need to water whilst moisture appears on glass. Just remove the lid for an hour, once a month to provide some air. Then mist and replace top.

Corked Mini Ball Terrarium - 12h x 10dia cm - This one has a string of baby turtles, peperomia, Fittonia and moss.

Plants may differ as each mini garden is created individually, dependent on what type of plants are available throughout the year. If you are purchasing online and would like to see what is available, please let us know and we will send photos.

Shipping available to Auckland area only. Please enquire before ordering as shipping rates differ, due to being transported by a specialised fragile goods courier.